Friday, July 10, 2015

My first job

After finishing my degree last paper, the first thing to do is send out resume. Guess what? On the same day I send my resume, the company called me to go for interview. So, I guess the efficiency is there.
Some of the non-expected question by the interviewer:-
1) what u expect to get from the company?
2) why should we hire u instead of other ppl? (this 1 I think is ok :D)
3) why u choose this company and not other company?
4) How u wan to contribute the company
5) etc...

So, interview done and get the job offer on the same week after that. Got the call on Friday and start the work on Monday which I'm unexpected. Is an engineering company (Cheng Hua) doing conveyor system. Conveyor is a platform to move things from one place to the another if u dunno. What's my job scope? Product development engineer...but after one week working...I found out I'm doing designer job more than product development...and I'm studying like study whole degree and use one subject of the whole degree for my job now...AutoCAD...anyway no complains about it because I go to the company is just 5 minutes :)

By the degree certificate not yet got but already getting degree holder know my salary kindly pm me...haha...

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