Friday, July 10, 2015

My first job

After finishing my degree last paper, the first thing to do is send out resume. Guess what? On the same day I send my resume, the company called me to go for interview. So, I guess the efficiency is there.
Some of the non-expected question by the interviewer:-
1) what u expect to get from the company?
2) why should we hire u instead of other ppl? (this 1 I think is ok :D)
3) why u choose this company and not other company?
4) How u wan to contribute the company
5) etc...

So, interview done and get the job offer on the same week after that. Got the call on Friday and start the work on Monday which I'm unexpected. Is an engineering company (Cheng Hua) doing conveyor system. Conveyor is a platform to move things from one place to the another if u dunno. What's my job scope? Product development engineer...but after one week working...I found out I'm doing designer job more than product development...and I'm studying like study whole degree and use one subject of the whole degree for my job now...AutoCAD...anyway no complains about it because I go to the company is just 5 minutes :)

By the degree certificate not yet got but already getting degree holder know my salary kindly pm me...haha...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday coming soon!

My b'day this year will be spend on project..and then spend half day to go back home..after that sleep since it's a long journey.. and have a good dinner for it..that's my planning for this 23rd years b'day..Good luck to myself and my dear for the final exam soon...long time to post blog d....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ezy VPN for bypass censored website!!

Anyone wanted to unlimited ur yes4g prepaid and celcom(all)?
Now is ur here for more info:
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10/1/2012 My Love's Important date!!

First of all, just feel sorry can't celebrate with u this year! But I will still be with u to pass ur b'day...:)
After u come back we go eat cake cake and celebrate belated b'day ya...ok? Love u always!! Miss u a lot...already 2 months plus and still counting...every night b4 sleep will sure remind me of u...feel like so sad right? haha...ignore the sad thing... Today is ur big big day...must be happy happy pass this day...and remember to study ur exam! Don't always play play...:P
Will snap more photo of us...seems like very little...:D

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Special post for me and her :D 8/12/2012

This marked our 3rd anniversary together...which I would like to talk about...Our love have been very strong since the day 'it' started..I love u very much!! To those who are still single...quickly find 1 fast...=P

Since the last time i posting a new post is about 5 months ago....So I have been disappear for 5 months in blog...haha...
This year anniversary was not celebrated due to we are still in University...but I promise I will celebrate with her when we 2 are back...mark my words...:D and I think it'll be 2 in 1 celebration since her b'day also I can't life...and I'm very sorry for this...
Next...exam coming soon!! So i would like to wish everyone who taking finals happy doing the exam and try ur best..if u don't do well it doesn't matter...don't get pissed off and screw the other subject...after passing this few years I finally managed pointer not really important in exam...what important in it is how we enjoyed it..Hope goes to my dear and everyone who reading it...last but not least...Happy 3rd anniversary to my u always...
The flower I capture just for orkid...:D
wonder y i choose orkid? haha...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time freeze?

Haiz...when everyone is packing all their bundles back and i'm still stuck in melaka waiting my another 3 papers which end at 23rd june...countdown 7 days...and 6 days if exclude today...self comforting..@.@
I miss all the food I wan in Klang, and all the fun in Klang so I can't wait for it...PPL in Klang pls wait for me to come...:)
Last but not least, I miss my dear...Will meet her really soon...:) very happy...+ u ya together...:D

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Advance b'day celebration??

 My card which I bought for RM10.00. Hope it's worth it...:)
 Papa John's pizza which I ate with my dear...:) P.S: It's nice...I mean the garlic sauce...:D
 My B'day advance gift...feel surprise and touched...special thanks to my dear...<3 Love u so much!!! muacx!!
 Thermo that made from Japan...but it's cold can I put hot water inside?? doubting...:D
 Star wishes for us...:D I dunno the meaning of this thing...but my dear really go and fold all the star just for u all don't jealous...:D
There inside got a special paper....i not going tell u wat written inside...this remain a secret me and my dear...

Out of topic....and still in topic...done a lot of thing during this week with my dear...:) Love it so much...but today she gotta go back study liao...2 months plus eh...T_T...nvrm...stay positive and be positive...Haha...hope she has the same feelings as me....I will miss you...and thanks for ur presents...and u still owe me 1 big cake...Hehe...will redeem when u back...:D
That's all for now...after being died blog for a few months....and now it's revived...and after this it's died again...
Not because I got nothing to write just I'm lazy to write...So ppl...pls forgive me for my natural character...:)
sayonara and aligato gozaimas...:)